Producing & Project Management

We offer a huge range of skills and very, many years of experience in producing short, medium and long-term projects, large and small. We offer a range of support including idea development, identifying and creating partnerships, financial planning and management, making sure policies and procedures are in place, fundraising, contracting, project planning and delivery, evaluation and reporting. You decide how little or how much support you need.

Organisational Change

We work with you to help  broaden your thinking and your perception of the future. We value every person in your organisation and what they contribute to your work, involving everyone in co-initiating, co-creating and co-delivering change to meet the challenges of the future and the business. We create bespoke ways of supporting you from one-to-one coaching, to group or whole organisation workshops,  one-off  or full day sessions,  to a longer-term relationship, supporting you through thinking, planning and initiating change, reviewing your progress, helping you to learn and adjust and being there as a critical friend when you need us.

Strategy & Business Planning

We love to work with you, as partners and collaborators. We want to get you thinking, listening, talking, challenging each other and yourselves and we aim to support you in moving your organisations forward.  But we can also support you by preparing all your necessary documents; your business plans, monitoring and review processes and annual reports. And we will help you to decide how much or how little you need.

Leadership Development

We believe that leadership is for and about everyone in your organisations.  We can plan and deliver a programme of collaborative leadership training around your needs and resources, for emerging leaders to experienced leaders, for apprentices, senior managers, board members and volunteers.

Coaching & Mentoring

We can support your individuals and your teams through one-to-one coaching or mentoring, group action learning sets, or through bespoke mentoring programmes, face-to-face or remotely.